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Chris Wilkins is often invited to write tax and accounting articles for magazines, journals and trade publications. This section contains a selection of articles that have been published in recent years. 

Property Tax Seminars

Property Tax Seminar Videos

Chris Wilkins speaks regularly at tax advice seminars and property accounting events. Contact us to find out more, or watch a video.

Coronavirus Financial Updates

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Updates

A brief summary of advice, and financial assistance that may be available to our clients during the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic.  [Download updates]

Property Articles

A selection of articles, updates and information about property ownership, sales, and tax liability. [Read more]

Chinese Puzzle

HSBC Local Branch Closures

A loyal customer for 30 years, Chris Wilkins was approached for comment by a national newspaper for an article which appeared in the Personal Finance section of the Mail on Sunday and on the 'This is Money' website.  [Read article]

Chinese Puzzle

The Chinese Puzzle

"It's Norman on the line", my secretary said. "Hi Chris, how's it hanging?", Norman always started his conversations with the same opening gambit. The phone line from Toronto was crackling... [Read article]

Cash or Crash

How often have you seen a seemingly solid company go under – not because it hadn’t a wealth of assets, nor because it was not making healthy profits, but merely because it had been caught by cash flow? Some tips to keep the bailiffs at bay... [Read article]

Doing Business in Russia

Doing Business in Russia

Chris Wilkins FCCA has clients in St Petersburg, Moscow and Kazakhstan. He has travelled on business in Russia and regularly grapples with the vagaries of Russian taxes. Here he explores the pros and cons of working in Russia. [Read article]

Taxing Times

Taxing Times

In April 2003, the Inland Revenue issued new income tax self assessment forms which we all fully expected, but for which we were almost certainly unprepared. [Read article]

Business or Russian Roulette

Business or Russian Roulette

Western businesses have an uphill struggle to get on in post-Communist Russia. Chris Wilkins reports. [Read article]