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Over 30 years ago, Chris Wilkins, who was a trainee accountant at the time, bought his first car for £10. The car, a Morris Minor, had a second hand bonnet (which was a different colour from the body of the car), did not start and had to be towed to Chris’ house by his friend, where Chris repaired the car and got it going. He took the car for its MOT and in the queue in front of him Chris met a chap who became his first client. That client had a son that needed an accountant, that son had work colleagues that needed an accountant, his daughter had a boyfriend that needed an accountant etc — you get the drift.

Chris now acts for three generations of that family and the only way he gets business is by word of mouth. He has used this approach for over 30 years and on the basis that you only get recommended by satisfied clients, then our approach is simple. We do the best we can for all clients because whilst we have hundreds of clients, you only have one accountant and you want the best. This is what Chris has always strived to be and this is the Wilkins Southworth approach. Whether we are acting on behalf of our client in H M Revenue & Customs’ enquiries or in tax planning, we always get the best result for clients.

It has worked for the last 30 years and we are sure it will work for you.

We have hundreds and hundreds of clients, but only one email address.

Unique selling point - one email address

Why? Because with us you are not a number. Your email will not sit on the desk of a member of staff who is on study leave, attending an audit at a client’s premises or on holiday. Your email gets reviewed every day of the week by a partner, with no exceptions. Even when they are on holiday, a partner will review your email and delegate it to a member of staff. No emails will sit on someone’s desk having not been replied to in our office.

The only thing we have to offer is our service and to that extent, our office is open about thirteen hours a day (from 6am — feel free to try us out) and in December and January, nearly every partner and member of staff will be in the office seven days a week to ensure that our clients do not suffer fines from H M Revenue & Customs for the late filing of their Tax Returns.

Partner led accountancy

We have a partner lead service which means that your first meeting is normally with a partner in the firm. At that meeting, we will go through your affairs in great detail to ensure that we thoroughly understand your business. The advantage of this is that we invariably uncover aspects of your affairs that may not have been fully considered before and which may assist us in mitigating your tax liabilities. This may entail restructuring the ownership of your business or doing your day to day business and accounting for it in a different way.

We believe that the best tax planning is done in advance, not in arrears. Indeed some tax planning that we are presently undertaking must be in place for at least two years for it to obtain maximum tax benefits. Therefore share ownerships, directorships and employments may need to be planned at least two years before an exit. We often discuss the potential sale of a business when we first meet clients as the creation of that conversation forces them to consider more keenly their own internal structures, ownerships, employee obligations and employee share options which may not have hitherto been considered.

Being a partner led service means that every set of financial statements gets reviewed by a partner and you get feedback on these from a partner.

Our approach is very simple

We have hundreds and hundreds of clients but you only have one accountant. Therefore we aim to do the best we can for you. It’s as simple as that. It’s worked for the last twenty years so we hope it works for you.

Wilkins Southworth - Chartered Accountants in London

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Both of our primary points of contact, accountant James Wade and office manager Sarah Hedley-Cheyney, are always prompt and friendly in communication and have a deep understanding of our group's financial needs and set-up, meaning they can offer truly personalised service.

James knows all of our companies inside-out and uses this knowledge to go 'above and beyond', giving us advice on how to make our accounting and bookkeeping more efficient. He's a 'nuts and bolts' man who is skilled in making the amazing ideas of Chris Wilkins and our directors a reality... Sarah meanwhile knows the group as a whole and is experienced in billing our accounts across multiple companies, in what can be a daunting financial set-up, making sure everything is allocated correctly

Lisa Barnes, Financial Controller, Positive Life LLP