HMRC Taxwise Plus Fee Protection

Taxwise Plus Fee Protection provides you with annual protection in the event of your business or finances being investigated by HMRC - which can be an expensive, stressful and time-consuming affair.

If you would like to know more about Taxwise Fee Protection, please call or email to discuss how it could protect you. A brief overview of what is covered under the policy is set out below.

Summary of Service

Wilkins Southworth is the policyholder and is insured in respect of charges incurred for work undertaken in respect of this service. Where applicable this service extends to include your directors or partners (including their
spouses / civil partners), subject to the agreed external income limits. This page does not give full details of the cover provided. A copy of the Policy containing all of the terms and conditions is held by Wilkins Southworth and is available on request. The insurance is arranged through Taxwise Services Limited (FSA No 304970) and underwritten by Irwell Insurance Company Limited (FSA No 202897). A summary of the policy is as follows:

The policy will cover

The insurer will provide up to £75,000 (a lower limit will apply to some elements of cover) in respect of:

  • Fees incurred by Wilkins Southworth attending meetings with H M Revenue & Customs (HMRC) or responding to correspondence from HMRC when you are subject to an HMRC check, enquiry, visit, meeting or dispute. Including professional fees incurred in respect of a local review of the enquiry and preparation and representation at an appeal to the First-tier Tribunal or Upper Tribunal.

Making a claim

You must notify Wilkins Southworth in the event of an incident or circumstance which might lead to a requirement for them to represent you under the Fee Protection Service. Wilkins Southworth will make claims and credit proceeds against your liability for fees, you could be liable for fees should the claim be denied.

The main exclusions are:

Wilkins Southworth will not be able to make a claim against the policy, in the following circumstances:

  • Enquiries or Disputes, which have commenced prior to the inception of the Policy.
  • Enquiries or Disputes resulting from tax returns, which are submitted more than 30 days after the statutory filing date.
  • Enquiries or Disputes where fraudulent evasion of tax is involved.
  • Enquiries or Disputes involving tax avoidance schemes.
  • Fees relating to the routine presentation of your affairs including the preparation or rectification of self assessment tax returns, accounts, P11Ds, P35s, VAT returns or any other statutory returns.
  • Fees, expenses and disbursements incurred without the prior consent of Taxwise.
  • Fees incurred reconstructing books and records that have been poorly maintained.
  • Fees incurred as a direct consequence of a deliberate and significant omission of taxable income.
  • Enquiries commenced by Special Civil Investigations (SCI) under Code of Practice 9. SCI Code of Practice 8 enquiries limited to £5,000 provided fraud or fraudulent intent is disproved.

A condition of the arrangement made with the insurers is that all claims must occur and be notified during the Period of Insurance.

For more details please download the PDF guide on the right.


Code of Practice (COP) 9 Enquiry

Dear Chris,

This is a brief note to say what a relief it was last week to have the final meeting with HMRC to conclude seven years of enquiries. And many thanks from me for all of your efforts.

It was really helpful that you were able to take over the whole enquiry and to see it through to a successful conclusion. If they had taken over the completion of the report themselves it could have tripled the penalties.

Your negotiating skills with the inspector were brilliant and kept them on side whilst allowing the extra time needed to conclude business affairs.

Wilkins Southworth have a very professional approach in dealings with HMRC and it was clear that the inspector was pleased to deal with your firm and to close his file on the case.

We can now get on with our lives – thanks again for your help with what had become a difficult HMRC Enquiry.

Mr W, Property Consultant

I have worked with Chris Wilkins and Wilkins Southworth as my accountants for many years. My company South East Pipes Limited has just had a successful outcome to a tax enquiry that has been going on for four years due to Chris’s perseverance and professionalism I would highly recommend Chris Wilkins and Wilkins Southworth.

South East Pipes Ltd

I am hugely grateful to Chris and his team at Wilkins Southworth for the excellent result achieved regards an HMRC investigation that we have been battling for the past 4 years and had reached First Tier Tribunal (FTT) Level.  Without his help, advice, professionalism & continuous support through the investigation, I am utterly convinced we would not have achieved this 100% success. Chris remained steadfast & thoroughly determined throughout, despite having to replace the original Capital Allowance consultant & continue with the case through ADR and up to FTT when even the insurers had said we would not reach a positive outcome. Not only did we overturn the Revenue’s decision & achieve a total victory, but we had our full claim re-instated and got all monies back. Thank you for all your efforts.